Friday, October 28, 2005

Linux Network Security - Host Routing table using netstat

netstat is a handy utility for network administrators as it provides a lot of information about network infrastructure for your server. The following comand will display host routing table for your server.

netstat -r

To view all open ports

netstat -a

To view all open ports listening on your web servers without resolving the IP addresses in to domain names

netstat -an

# abbreviated help output for netstat follows:

usage: netstat [-veenNcCF] [] -r netstat {-V|--version|-h|--help}
netstat [-vnNcaeol] [ ...]
netstat { [-veenNac] -i[] | [-cnNe] -M | -s } [delay]

-r, --route display routing table
-i, --interfaces=[] display interface table
-g, --groups display multicast group memberships
-s, --statistics display networking statistics (like SNMP)
-M, --masquerade display masqueraded connections

-v, --verbose be verbose
-n, --numeric don't resolve names
--numeric-hosts don't resolve host names
--numeric-ports don't resolve port names
--numeric-users don't resolve user names
-N, --symbolic resolve hardware names
-e, --extend display other/more information
-p, --programs display PID/Program name for sockets
-c, --continuous continuous listing

-l, --listening display listening server sockets
-a, --all, --listening display all sockets (default: connected)
-o, --timers display timers
-F, --fib display Forwarding Information Base (default)
-C, --cache display routing cache instead of FIB

: Name of interface to monitor/list.
={-t|--tcp} {-u|--udp} {-w|--raw} {-x|--unix} --ax25 --ipx --netrom
=Use '-A ' or '--'; default: inet
List of possible address families (which support routing):
inet (DARPA Internet) inet6 (IPv6) ax25 (AMPR AX.25)
netrom (AMPR NET/ROM) ipx (Novell IPX) ddp (Appletalk DDP)
x25 (CCITT X.25)

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