Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Using RPM to get information on a dedicated server

View the currently installed RPMs on your dedicated server

rpm -qa

Other query options for rpm

Query options (with -q or --query):
-c, --configfiles list all configuration files
-d, --docfiles list all documentation files
--dump dump basic file information
-l, --list list files in package
--queryformat=QUERYFORMAT use the following query format
-s, --state display the states of the listed files
-a, --all query/verify all packages
-f, --file query/verify package(s) owning file
-g, --group query/verify package(s) in group
-p, --package query/verify a package file
--specfile query a spec file
--whatrequires query/verify the package(s) which require a
--whatprovides query/verify the package(s) which provide a


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