Monday, November 05, 2007


Using truss, ldd and nm to explore binary files

Solaris 10 Tuning: serves as a good reference.

Maxpgio discussion on WHT. Another interesting mailing list post about maxpgio.

Sun/Oracle Best practices blueprint. This is a PDF doc published by SMI Performance and Availability
Engineering (PAE) group. I find it interesting for the doc to say:
particular, on large memory SMP systems, we routinely use these settings in /etc/
set priority_paging=1
set fastscan=131072
set maxpgio=65536
Interesting in the sense because in most places, I have found maxpgio maximum value to be documented as 1024 and default of 10.

Solaris Tunable Parameters: A good reference manual for tuning Solaris parameters.

Solaris File systems: PDF Design and features of Solaris File Systems.

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An interesting discussion on maxpgio.


Solaris 10 Tuning

I find this page to be very handy for referencing Solaris 10 Tuning options.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

ln -s examples

ln is the command used to link files. ln -s creates a soft link "from" a file "to" a file.

Suppose you have two mounts, one with sufficient disk space (new) and the other without ample disk space (old) and you need to create a soft link so that when you create a new file in /old it will actually be created in /new

cd /old
mkdir /new/directory
ln -s /new/directory /old/directory

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