Tuesday, January 31, 2006

People, please don't post illegal projects

I saw this project today on a popular Software house:

I sell 3rd party utilites for an online game. Recently the game developers have found a way to detect my applications. I inject code, hook etc. I use rootkit technology to hide my applications. If you are an expert with this kind of technology and think you can figure out how they detect my applications please bid on this project.

I will give you access to an online account and my software.

This is just crazy. This guy is asking for an illegal job to be done, something you should NEVER do.


Using DocBook on Windows

Long time ago, I bookmarked Jim Crafton's tutorial Documentation with Docbook on Windows to follow later in the hopes of installing (and using) docbook on my Windows box. Today I finally decided to download Cygwin

Following his instructions I installed the following:
and ofcouse Docbook-xsl-* and HTML Help Workshop by Microsoft.

At first I had selected UNIX like configuration but changed it to DOS like based on his suggestion.

I fired up the shell (Start > Programs > Cygwin > Cygwin Bash Shell) and was greeted with the following message:

Copying skeleton files.
These files are for the user to personalise
their cygwin experience.

These will never be overwritten.

`./.bashrc' -> `/home/user//.bashrc'
`./.bash_profile' -> `/home/user//.bash_profile'
`./.inputrc' -> `/home/user//.inputrc'

user@SRV31 ~

I tested whether xsltproc was installed:

xsltproc -version

Then I created a "HelloWorld" to test out the installation. I created HelloWorld.xml and placed some content (see Jim's tutorial for an example).

Docbook is organized as:
Book > Chapter > Section

Run through XSL processor after making sure that our XML file is valid and begins with

<?xml version="1.0">

and use "/" for paths.

I installed all the necessary XSL files with Cygwin (recommended) so I ran the following command to test my book

I navigated to cd /home/user/docbook/book
and than ran:

user@SRV31 ~/docbook/book
$ xsltproc --nonet /usr/share/docbook-xsl/htmlhelp/htmlhelp.xsl /home/user/d
Writing pr01.html for preface
Writing ch01.html for chapter
Writing ch02.html for chapter
Writing index.html for book
Writing htmlhelp.hhp
Writing toc.hhc