Friday, June 16, 2006

Misc commands

What server I am on

bash-3.00# uname
bash-3.00# uname -a
SunOS frank 5.10 Generic_118844-26 i86pc i386

To view ypcat

[root@polland:/var/yp] ypcat -k passwd

to push changes to polland

Find packages matching criteria
pkginfo | grep moz

Install package remotely
pkgadd -r packagename

Installing Firefox 1.5 on Solaris 10

Today is my second day at my new job (more on this later). For right now my default work station is Solaris 10 and today I needed to install Firefox 1.5. Here's how I did it

bunzip2 firefox-
tar xf firefox-
cd firefox-
pkgadd -d MOZffox.pkg

hope this works for you too!